Super Stain Refinishing

Are you thinking about having your kitchen cabinets refaced?

Or a complete kitchen remodel?

Tired of the golden oak finish on your cabinets and woodwork?

What if the only drawback was the outdated finish color?

Consider kitchen cabinet refinishing! At Architectural Woodworking,Inc. we have a revolutionary wood refinishing process that will produce deep, rich “espresso” tones over the existing wood finish, without stripping or sanding down to bare wood!

This finish can be applied by brush, or spray gun, and goes right over the existing finish with minimal preparation and without the mess that comes with stripping or sanding to bare wood.

A deeper, richer wood tone is now possible - like never before!

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Those kits are latex based and are non-transparent,meaning they won`t allow the grain to show through.


To arrive at an approximate cost quickly, we use a multiplier of $125.00 per door (or drawer front). For example: a medium sized kitchen, with a total of 35 doors and drawer fronts (including false fronts), would be in the "ballpark" range of $4375.00.

Other factors that affect the pricing are:

Ultimately, it`s those factors combined with total surface area to be finished, and the degree of difficulty, that determines the final cost.

This finish is not a latex and is transparent,producing deep,dark tones and yet allows the grain to show through.

It adheres so well, it even sticks to sheet metal!

It even sticks to melamine surfaces! (the printed wood on the side)

The finish then gets its durability from an environmentally friendly water borne floor finish.



The better alternative is kitchen cabinet refinishing. Our spray technique is so advanced we can spray the cabinet cases right in the kitchen, without the overspray staining the nearby surfaces. Doors and drawer fronts are sprayed in our shop. No need to remove the countertops (unless you want to) so the plumbing stays connected and kitchen remains usable.


Color Selection

  • You select a stain color from sample chips. The pictures below are representative. Color will vary from your screen, so please select from the actual stain samples.
  • Because the stain is sprayed on gradually, you can add just a "mist coat" or a deep espresso tone or something in between.
  • We'll do a sample spray on one of your doors so you can see the actual color as it will appear in your kitchen.




  • We wash down any surfaces to be sprayed with a mild degreaser
  • We lightly "scuff sand" surfaces to give the stain some grip
  • We apply a sealer to lock in any trace amounts of contaminants
  • We mask off walls, counters, floors, etc.
  • Doors and drawer fronts are taken to our shop


  • Our high efficiency spray guns produce only a small amount of overspray
  • What little overspray that is produced is trapped by our air cleaners
  • The clear coat is "brushed on" in the kitchen, and "sprayed on" in the shop

Popular Upgrades

  • New handles and drawer pulls
  • Concealed soft close hinges
  • Frame and panel trim details on cabinet ends and islands



If you have a nice, solid stair railing in your home but are tired of the finish on it, why not have us give you a darker, richer tone, and have us change out the balusters(spindles) to the new generation of wrought iron that’s now available?

We've refinished several kitchens and stairs with this process recently, and are happy to have our clients offer to be references. Why? Was it the quality of finish? Or was it the thousands of dollars we saved them compared to what they would have spent on a kitchen reface, let alone a full replacement? We'll let them tell you. One couple said it was half of what it would cost for new imported cabinets installed!

Project Gallery

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Overspary & Cleaning

We take great care to avoid over spray by masking off the areas we are working in. In doing so, there are times when some paint may come off when removing masking even though painters tape is used.

My husband and I are very pleased with the work of Architectural Woodworking Inc. Dave and Dottie were pleasant and easy to work with, accommodating our tight schedule and completing the work in our kitchen exactly as they had described. They took our 12-year-old builder grade oak cabinets and made them look new.

The work was so well done that two separate contractors provided unsolicited positive feedback about them. One general contractor with almost 40 years experience was very impressed with the work and the contractors who installed our granite counter tops complimented our "new" cabinets. When I told them the cabinets weren't new, they were refinished, they said they had never seen such quality work on a refinishing job.

If you are looking to breathe new life into your kitchen or other cabinetry, I'd highly recommend contacting Architectural Woodworking Inc.

~ Lisa O.