Woodworking & Refinishing

Architectural Woodworking, Inc., amazes clients by building and installing custom stairs, handrails, balusters, fireplace mantels and more - onsite.

“There is nobody else in town who will build and finish a stairway like I do it,” David boasts. He likes to think of the staircase as the largest piece of furniture in the house. Making furniture, in fact, was David's road to the stairs.

“I started in the late 1970s making custom furniture and later got involved in construction where I had a chance to do some stair work.”

David does little work for contractors. Working with homeowners is one of his favorite parts of the job.

“Contractors are not that involved in the job,” he says. “They are doing it for the money. For the people living in the home there is an emotional attachment to what we're doing.”

“This is a dream to be in business for myself, to be doing something that really makes my customers happy,” he says. “The most exciting thing is the final moment when you finish a project and hearing the home owner say " wow."!

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My husband and I are very pleased with the work of Architectural Woodworking Inc. Dave and Dottie were pleasant and easy to work with, accommodating our tight schedule and completing the work in our kitchen exactly as they had described. They took our 12-year-old builder grade oak cabinets and made them look new.

The work was so well done that two separate contractors provided unsolicited positive feedback about them. One general contractor with almost 40 years experience was very impressed with the work and the contractors who installed our granite counter tops complimented our "new" cabinets. When I told them the cabinets weren't new, they were refinished, they said they had never seen such quality work on a refinishing job.

If you are looking to breathe new life into your kitchen or other cabinetry, I'd highly recommend contacting Architectural Woodworking Inc.

~ Lisa O.