About Us

Since the late 1970s, we have been involved with the many various forms of speciality woodworking. Here`s a pictorial history of just some of the work we`ve done.

As part of a remodel, we needed to replace the bottom portion of our staircase. I found Dave through excellent reviews online and am so grateful to have found him! He is an absolute gem. He takes pride in what he does and it was a joy to see a true craftsman pouring his heart into his work. He helped us find a custom stain to fit that we love. The staircase is central to our home and it feels like a beautiful piece of artwork now.

He took our vision, brought it to life and it is more beautiful that I could have hoped for. I would recommend him to anyone! I also appreciated his kind professionalism, his unrushed attitude towards any challenges and even the way he listened to jazz music as he worked. It was a pleasure to work with him and we are honored to have his work displayed in our home!

~ Jaime J.