About Us

Since the late 1970s, we have been involved with the many various forms of speciality woodworking. Here`s a pictorial history of just some of the work we`ve done.

All of this experience has enabled us to invent and perfect, the proprietary Super Stain process. Any inherent difficulties and challenges have been addressed, and dealt with to insure a finish that is both, durable, as well as beautiful.

If you want a cheap paint job, hire a painter. However, if you want amazing results, and a full-service woodworking shop, contact us. We don't just use finishing processes, we invent them!


Beware of anyone who claims to have our same processes, they don't. Do not allow anyone to experiment with your kitchen or woodwork features. Many have tried, and failed, bringing misery to the homeowners.

My husband and I are very pleased with the work of Architectural Woodworking Inc. Dave and Dottie were pleasant and easy to work with, accommodating our tight schedule and completing the work in our kitchen exactly as they had described. They took our 12-year-old builder grade oak cabinets and made them look new.

The work was so well done that two separate contractors provided unsolicited positive feedback about them. One general contractor with almost 40 years experience was very impressed with the work and the contractors who installed our granite counter tops complimented our "new" cabinets. When I told them the cabinets weren't new, they were refinished, they said they had never seen such quality work on a refinishing job.

If you are looking to breathe new life into your kitchen or other cabinetry, I'd highly recommend contacting Architectural Woodworking Inc.

~ Lisa O.