The Next Step

How does this work?
What do I have to do next?

Step 1 - Send photos of your stair

Send pics of your stair along with any screenshots of styles you like, or look through our gallery of stairs and pick out the things you like. Add these to your pics. You may do this through our Contact form.

Please include a phone number! I may need to ask you some questions. A phone conversation is far more effective and quicker than emailing at this point.

Step 2 - Get a "ballpark" quote from me

If I`m in the budget, let me know. Don`t wait for me to follow up, I`m usually swamped will calls.

Step 3 - In person meeting at your home

I`ll bring with me some samples of handrails, iron balusters, and a post as well as photo galleries for reference. I`ll help you to choose the stair parts that you want, and advise you against any choices that may be problematic.

I`ll write up a contract and outline payment terms. Typically it`s 1/3 down at signing, 1/3 due day of start, and final 1/3 due day of completion.

We`ll schedule the job. You will let me know how much notice you`ll need as to the actual day of start.

Step 4 - Make preparations for us to do the work

Make room in your garage. We typically need a 2 car garage to set up shop in, at least during the day. If you can leave your cars out overnight, that`s great. PLEASE have your cars moved out of the driveway PRIOR to our arrival to avoid any needless delay. We will have 2 to 3 vehicles to make space for.

Move any furniture or pictures or decor that`s in or near the work area to a safe zone.

Step 5 - The work begins!

We begin by protecting the floor with runners, covering carpet with dropcloths. We bring with us an air cleaner for dust control. And we make sure the stair is usable at the end of the work day. We also set up barricades when needed if the new posts and railings aren`t ready to be installed. Safety is a major concern for us.

While it`s nice to have you there during the day, we don`t require it. We hate to see people waste vacation days needlessly. Just provide us with a way to get in and we are good to go.

Step 6 - It's Done!

We pick up our tools, sweep out or dust out your garage with a leaf blower and we`re on our way. If we can leave any junk on the treelawn for pick up, that`s great, otherwise we`ll take it away.